Privileged Access Management – never lets privileged accounts compromise your security
Cyber security is a hot topic for every enterprise in today’s hyper connected world. With the fast growing technologies like cloud, mobile and virtualization, the security boundaries are a little bit blurred and not each organization protects its valuable and sensitive information properly. As a result, cyber attacks and data leakages occur more often.

The question is not whether the company will suffer a cyber attack, but when that attack will take place, and what its consequences will be.
Privileged Access Management is an area of identity security that helps organizations maintain full control and visibility over their most critical systems and data. A robust PAM solution ensures that all user actions, including those taken by privileged users, are monitored and can be audited in case of a security breach. Controlling privileged access not only reduces the impact of a breach, but it also builds resilience against insider threads.

Are you willing to learn more about the best practices in Privileged Access Management?
If yes, here we have something new for you – the first edition of PATECCO PAM White Paper, providing an information about:

• Approaching Privileged Access
Management from an Architecture

• Privileged Access Management Solution:
Functionalities and Capabilities

• Basic and advanced PAM capabilities

• Building blocks for PAM deployments

• Defining individual PAM landscapes

• PATECCO Services for implementing
Privileged Access Management solutions

For more information about PAM best practices, get the White paper downloaded and enjoy reading.