PATECCO, which is specialized in Identity and Access Management consulting, developed a new platform – FIM Query Service, integrated with CA API Management tool. It provides the capabilities you need to bring systems together, to protect these integrated solutions, enhance customer experience, and unlock new business opportunities in the digital transformation.

FIM Query Service easily allows connectivity to a different source of information. That source could use the benefit of cache for recurring searches like Active Directory all information available to standard Xpath. Besides, the new tool provides a single entry point to the whole environment and this allows easy connectivity from third-party clients based on REST standard.

FIM Query Services Platform could be easily secured with third-party security gateways, resulting in better logging and improved GDPR compatibility.

In the integration processCA API Gateway toolacts as policy-driven identity and security enforcement points that can be implemented both in the enterprise and in the cloud to address a broad range of behind–the–firewall, SOA, B2B, API management and cloud security challenges.

The tool is designed to address multi-domain issues, especially the need to maintain trust when exchanging information with third parties. It also acts as Policy Enforcement Points (PEPs) located in the enterprise, allowing organizations to layer on key control and visibility capabilities for all third party interactions.

The integrated CA API Gateway provides OAUTH 2.0 to Windows Authentication for the production environment, so the services should be security compliant to the industry standards. In this way it ensures unparalleled flexibility in defining and enforcing identity-driven security policies, leveraging SSO session cookies, Kerberos tickets, SAML assertions and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

An advantage of the new platform is that it helps ensure enterprise application and infrastructure services are protected against malicious attacks or accidental damage due to poorly structured data. The tool provides not only protocol mediation and efficient data transformation, but also more traditional application-layer functionality such as caching and traffic throttling.

The other benefit of FIM Query Service is that it limits the number of no standard Clients to the database. This means that there is a lower number of locks for the tables resulting in better response time. The information, which is already searched, is available immediately from the cache.

The next advantage of FIM Query Service is that it phase out the lower level SQL language and replace it with standardizing REST based XPath. The verification and conversion between XPath and SQL are done by approved Microsoft Service and eliminates the need for knowing the internal database structure. This leads to future speedier updates.

PATECCO believes that APIs are the building blocks of digital transformation. Being successful today and asserting oneself on the market, requires the companies in every industry to make a fundamental change. This transformation process is not just about gradually introducing improvements, but also about developing core businesses to meet the needs of today’s connected world.