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PATECCO Has a New White Paper About Privileged Access Management Services

The new PATECCO White Paper in Privileged Access Management has already been issued by the German Analyst company – Kuppingercole, with the valuable support of Matthias Reinwarth. The report consists of 16 pages describing main points about PATECCO PAM solutions – Functionalities, Capabilities, Deployments, Landscapes, Implementation.

PATECCO Privileged Account Management (PAM) focuses on the specific requirements of privileged user accounts in a company’s IT infrastructure. PAM is used as an information security and governance tool to support companies in complying with legal and regulatory compliance regulations. It also helps to prevent internal data misuse through the use of privileged accounts.

For the past several years, PATECCO developed high skills in implementing PAM
solutions, describing and designing necessary processes, and connecting systems
to these solutions. The white paper presents in details PATECCO best practices in implementing PAM solutions in the following function subsets:

  • Identity Consolidation
  • Privileged Access Request
  • Super User Privilege Management (SUPM)
  • Shared Account Password Management (SAPM)
  • Application to Application Password Management (AAPM)

The report presents PATECCO’s projects as a good example of demonstrating PAM capabilities allowing privileged users to have efficient andsecure access to the systems they manage. They also ensure that audit and compliance requirements are met, provide secure and streamlined way to authorize and monitor all privileged users forall relevant systems.

More about Patecco Services for PAM implementation, check out in the report below:


PATECCO Takes Part in European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019 as a Gold Sponsor

The German IAM company PATECCO will be a Gold Sponsor, for a second time, at European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019. The event is organised by the analyst comany – Kuppingercole – and will take place from May 13-17, 2019, at INFINITY Ballhaus Forum Munich, Germany. EIC 2019 is known as Europe’s leading event for Identity and Access Management (IAM), Customer Identity and Access Management, and Cloud Security. Its audience includes hundreds of end users, executives, worldwide leading vendors, thought leaders, principal analysts and international top-speakers.

PATECCO Management team is taking part in practice discussions concerning Cloud Access Control and Internet of Things. Its professionals will share thoughts about the best practices for providing secure access with modern, multi-factor authentication and enabling interactions and interoperability in the Digital Ecosystem.

Photo Source: Kuppingercole

Being a Gold Sponsor gives PATECCO the opportunity to standout from competitors and to show its proficiency in Identity and Access Management as enabler of innovation and security in the Digital Age. The company also provides unique skills in IAM specific agile software development methods, based on latest technologies.Its long-term partnership with Microsoft and IBM supports the success in a number of international consulting projects from pharma, finance, insurance and utility sector.

PATECCO is a frequent exhibitor at Kuppingercole conferences and well-known with its competences in IAM, Public Key Infrastructure, Privileged Account Management, Role Based Access Control, and Identity Governance. The company is famous for its global capability – designing, deployment, and management and monitoring for clients of all sizes and industries around the world, long-term customer retention, security, compliance and flexibility.