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Building Values – Working Sustainable

The complex topic IAM is made out of many different parts. Our Solutions & Services Team is your primary contact to deliver a successful IAM project.

To secure, accelerate and improve the broad view of IT processes in a heterogeneous IT landscape are a major achievements of every IAM project. Either you want to make your way to the cloud or need a change in your on-premise processes – PATECCO helps you to achieve your goals and adds additional value to your projects.

Our broad experience in various industries and many customer projects equips our team with the right tools, in-house developments and product expertise.

Strategically PATECCO partners with Microsoft to benefit in mutual projects, having a direct communication with the key players and to educate our resources with latest technologies.

Our consulting services:

IAM Workshops

IAM Planning Workshop

Your company starts a new IAM project, needs another opinion or wants to redesign some existing processes? Our experts at PATECCO can line up the right approach.

Gathering the right information about your organization helps us to understand your business and finding a solution for your problem. If it’s Identity Governance, Access Management or a cloud oriented project we always deliver economic solutions.

A custom tailored workshop with PATECCO always pays off. We prepare the workshop for your needs. Our usual core content is:

  • Identity Access Management Roadmap Planning
  • Driving architectural decisions
  • Rough project planning, providing effort estimations on work packages
IAM Consulting


In each phase of our consulting projects the right resource is assigned to specific activities. Our team of architects, consultants and developers drive your project successfully. We are used to deliver projects on our own or provide resources for your project staffing.

IAM Consulting includes the following services:

  • User provisioning and synchronisation as a single solution
  • Managing and maintaining Directory Services domain migrations
  • End-to-end implementing and managing of FIM/MIM solutions
  • Full management of identities, privileged account management and integration with any Cloud platform
  • Consulting and Deployment of IBM Security
  • Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI)
  • Consulting and Deployment of QRadar
  • Development of Certification Tests for IBM Products

PATECCO lines up innovative solutions while being very close to our customers and discussing various topics with our stakeholders. Our guarantee of delivering a successful project is a mix of dynamic and maturity.

We are proud to deliver 50+ projects and looking forward to work with you.

IAM Health-Check

IAM Check-Up!

How healthy is your IAM system? How many issues are already inside but didn’t come up, yet? When do those might occur? Did you apply vendor’s best practices? PATECCO asks the right question during a health-check project.

A 2-day check-up by PATECCO improves your IAM-System stability and hardens your operational procedures sustainable. Coming with a long list of tools, questions and discussions PATECCO helps your team to provide guidelines for the future. You gain a stabilized IAM-System!

The following topics are part of a Health-Check:

  • Review operational procedures and SOPs
  • Review IAM configuration and implementation
  • Review Logs of database, webserver and operating system
  • Analyze and value occurred issues and errors
Management Consulting & Business Analysis

High-Level Consulting – Focusing on Governance, Risk & Compliance!

One part of PATECCO’s team provides strategic consulting for GRC topics without any focus on technical requirements. We are working very close together with the top business analyst firms and well-known security auditors. This background supports us during our consulting projects.

The following topics are delieverables in our customer projects:

  • Analysis of core business processes in regards to regulatory requirements (SOX, BAFIN, BASEL II, HIPAA etc.)
  • Analysis of core business processes in respect to vulnerability, security and risk
  • Adapting of company and regulatory requirements
  • Consulting company information security stakeholders (BISO, TISO, Internal Auditors)
  • Validating and developing company compliance and governance policies
  • Introducing and implementing industry standards
Identity Governance and Intelligence
  • Access certification
  • Business-activity based approach to model SoD violations
  • End-to-end user lifecycle management
  • Powerful identity analytics
  • Extend ServiceNow catalogue with access management
  • Enhanced password synchronization
  • Integration with privileged account management products
  • Data governance capabilities and GDPR specific controls
  • Integration with QRadar UBA for insider threat management
  • Closed-loop compliance

Identity and Access Governance: Use Cases

  • Provisioning of Accounts and Entitlements for managed Target-Systems
  • Run Recertification Campaigns on Users and Entitlements
  • Analyse Segregation of Duties (SoD) Risks using a Functional Taxonomy Approach
  • Use IAM for Permissions Management
  • Build Reports for optimal transparency to Auditors both internal and external

Identity Governance and Intelligence: Benefits

  • Improved productivity of managers by simplifying identity and access certification processes.
  • Increased general level of security, reduced costs of managing users and their identities, attributes and credentials.
  • Ensured compliance in consistent, efficient and effective manner.
  • Reduced vulnerabilities and limited risk of data breaches or loss of customer and employee information.
  • Enhanced confidentiality - data can be accessed only by authorized individuals.
Privileged Account Management
  • PAM capabilities allowing privileged users to have efficient and secure access to the systems they manage
  • Ensure that audit and compliance requirements are met
  • Offer secure and streamlined way to authorize and monitor all privileged users for all relevant systems
  • Implement privacy policies adherent to GDPR compliance

PATECCO Business Solutions for PAM

  • Privileged Password Management (PPM) enables secure (encrypted) storage, release, control and change control of privileged passwords in a heterogeneous environment of systems and applications.
  • Privileged Session Management (PSM) provides control, monitoring and recording of sessions of high-risk users, including administrators and, for example,
    remote support providers.
  • Privileged Command Management (PCM) provides the ability to granularly delegate user access to specific programs, tasks and commands across multiple platforms. It provides command control capabilities with the ability to delegate privileges (sometimes called “elevation”).

PAM Best Practice Examples

  • Identity Consolidation: Centrally managing identities, roles, privileges and local accounts across heterogeneous resources: “Give users a single identity and get them to log in as themselves”
  • Privileged Access Request: Establish a solution (tool) that supports workflow-based privileged access request across both SUPM and SAPM components for stronger security, governance, and compliance.
  • Super User Privileged Management (SUPM): The privilege elevation tools that enable a “least privilege” access model with granular administrative tasks for authorized users. "Assign rights where you can; share accounts where you must.
  • Shared Account Password Management (SAPM): Data breach mitigation is most effective when reducing the attack surface — reducing the number of privileged accounts as close to zero as possible and only using SAPM for emergency login scenarios such as “break glass”.
  • Application to Application Password Management (AAPM): Replace plain text passwords embedded in scripts with an API call to your SAPM service
Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)
  • SIEM technology supports threat detection and security incident response: real-time event collection and historical analysis of security events
  • Support compliance reporting and incident investigation
  • Collect logs from multiple locations into a central system
  • Report on incidents: real-time visibility and historic reporting activity
  • Generates insights for detailed investigation and incident analysis

PATECCO provides the following services in the field of SIEM:

  • Finding the right SIEM System for the company’s requirements
  • Implementation of a SIEM system
  • Account Management
  • Connection activities
  • Rule based activities
  • Threat, malware, and vulnerability detection
  • Operational findings
  • Unusual behaviour
  • Alerting and incident response
  • Compliance, regulations and audits
  • Advanced correlation and enrichment of data