The end of 2018 is getting closer and this is the perfect period to make an assessment of what we have achieved. For the last 12 months PATECCO reports great professional results due to the excellent collaboration between both teams in Germany and Bulgaria. They make PATECCO a recognised and respected leader in IAM industry providing value-added services to its clients’ requirements. That’s a good prerequisite for the thriving future of the company and its progress.

PATECCO’s partnership with Microsoft and IBM contributed for the success in a number of international consulting projects in the fields of pharma, energy, and insurance and education. The portfolio of the IAM company also extended to delivering comprehensive solutions such as Managed Services, Cloud Access Control, Privileged Account Management, Access Governance, Role Based Access Control, Security Information and Event Management, Public Key Infrastructure and Password Management.

PATECCO’s year-end performance review:

  • Hiring new employees due to the growing number of projects
  • Signing contract with new clients
  • Developing MIM Query Service, integrated with CA API Management tool with a goal to accelerate the changes in the digital transformation
  • Taking part as a Golden Sponsor in one of the biggest Kuppingercole conferences: European Identity Conference 2018 in Munich
  • Participating in Cyber Access Summit in Berlin
  • Ensuring its customers global capability (management and monitoring for clients of all sizes and industries around the world), security, compliance, flexibility, industry expertise, trust, productivity and engagement;

In 2019 PATECCO’s goals are to ride the waves of technology innovations in the era of digital transformation, to maintain profitability and to deliver great customer service.