Last year, PATECCO, specialised in Identity and Access Management Solutions, launched its first Whitepaper about Privleged Access Management. It was created in cooperation with Kuppingercole analysts.

For the second time, this year, the company released its second white paper on the hot topic about about Identity and Access Management Solutions in Financial Service Industry.

As it is well known, financial services are one of the most regulated industries around the world. Providing the access to the information system is a major focus for the development of a company and security matter should not be neglected. The responsibility is higher than ever: you must guarantee the confidentiality of digital resources while sharing them with clients, partners and subsidiaries.

So, it’s no surprise that identity and access management (IAM) in financial services is critical to ensuring that only the right people have the right access to sensitive information. With PATECCO new white paper, discover how you are able to control the access to your data thanks to our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.

Click on the book image to read the new Whitepaper: