Many enterprises deploying Identity Management Solutions believe that this will suffice for access governance. The truth is that an identity management solution is only a point solution and access governance requires something more complex – monitoring of the dynamic access rights of multiple users to myriad applications. On one hand, Identity management solution allows IT to automate identity management and access control. On the other hand, an access governance system provides a high-level business overview of access requests, compliance processes, and in what way the risk management strategy ties into user roles and responsibilities. This means that access governance cannot work without identity management and at the same time facilitates advancements.

Today’s compound regulations make compliance an essential consideration. While providing the data trail required for audits and compliance requirements, it’s important at the same time to track, audit, and control what individual employees have access to. More and more companies recognise the need for access governance caused by multiple factors and challenges. This is for example increasingly complex regulations that demand strict adherence, the escalating scale and frequency of cyber attacks, adoption of the cloud which poses a concern about monitor which employees access what data, using which device!

How access governance system governs access rights?

Assigning specific rights to employees for accessing only what they need to ful­l their job roles and responsibilities, efficiently and in a secure manner.

Aggregating data on user accounts that have access to the different applications, databases, data centres, network devices, etc., together a single and easy-to-manage view into access rights and accounts on all systems.

Implementing strong security controls

What benefits does Identity Governance bring to the business?

Identity governance system enables the regulation and control of access in an efficient, systematic, and continuous manner.

Identity Governance grants a comprehensive view of roles and privileges within each department of the company. This results in deep insight into how access is used across the organization by different users.

An access governance system also positively impacts the certification process. Certification and recertification requirements are reduced and users can be certified on an ad-hoc basis, at any point in time.

Access governance facilitates collaborative and analytics-based decision-making, based on the data aggregated across users and departments.

Access Governance goes well beyond access recertification, role management and analytics. Strong capabilities for access request management, access analytics, and advanced direct or indirect capabilities of provisioning changes back are more often than not mandatory features. Increasingly, improved integration with Privilege Management tools or User Activity Monitoring solutions are being developed as a key focus area for many organizations.

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